Wednesday, August 20, 2014

I love you, friends

Today I opened my computer to write an insightful and creative something. I started with a new document and the dreaded beep of the cursor. So I ate a granola bar, and thought about how I should water my plants in case it didn’t rain that night. After I wiped the crumbs off my skirt, I sat down again and put my fingers on the keyboard, hoping for a flash of anything. A few ideas came out on the screen – all of them repetitive of smarter and “bloggy” authors. I kept thinking and moved my plant closer to the window. Instead of thinking of a witty phrase to start the post, I thought about the things we said last night as three women post graduate school. About how we still have a hard time looking past bad taste in art and how the church deals with sin. We had a good time telling stories and laughing about how time hasn’t stood still. Since we last laughed together one of us has gotten married, one of us is about to have a baby, and one of us has moved to Korea. Our reunion on my broken couch, talking over tea and cookies, reminded me that time doesn’t need to stand still to capture something creative.

Our stories keep moving past the square space of our graduate school days and we are happy. 

[Summer 2013]

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